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Blossom Floristry

Whites & Greens

Whites & Greens

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Delivery & Collection Information

•Please state delivery date & time required at checkout in the “order special instructions” box.

•Orders must be made minimum 2 days in advance to delivery/collection date required. E.g Order Monday for Wednesday delivery/collection.

•Collection hours between 12pm & 8pm.

•Delivery hours between 12pm & 6pm.

Pictures above are an example & not an exact picture of the bouquet you will receive.
Foliage type may vary depending on availability.

Care Instructions

When you receive your flowers, carefully remove them from the shipping box (if applicable). Once youve done this, you will see your flowers are in a bag or cardboard vase, inside you will see the stems are surrounded by a bubble of water/flower gel. DO NOT leave your flowers for longer than one day in this packaging as they will need a fresh drink.

These next steps will have your blooms looking as good as new in no time

1. Remove the lower packaging over the sink and rinse all of the stems.

2. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle, not straight across. This creates more surface area for the stems to intake water.

3. Fill a vase with room temperature water and stir in half the sachet of flower food provided. This is essentially a bleach and sugar solution. The bleach will kill any bacteria in the water, whilst the sugar will give your flowers a well deserved boost. Please note, this may reduce the flowers life slightly as it speeds up the bloom to open faster.

Continue by changing the water every 2 days and cutting the stems with every change for the best results from your flowers.

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